Affordable Golf Academy of America

Academy Schedule - Two Day - 1/9 Hole Playing Lessons

Individual Rate                  $349.00 +7% Tax
Couples Rate                         $699.00 +7% Tax

Day One

8:00 - Introduction and Evaluation
The PRE Test - Video Analysis, Club Evaluation, Swing Analysis.

9:30 - Fundementals of th Full Swing
The basic building blocks are covered... the grip, the setup, the pre-shot routine, important for even the most seasoned golfer.

10:30 - The WonderfulWorld of Wedges
The real keys to scoring, wedge play, chipping and pitching are covered in this informative secession.

12:00 - Lunch and Learn at the Grill
Review of the morning's video analysis and some great food.

1:00 - The Art of Putting
If you are like us, frustrated with the three put or four put holes, let us show you the way to the cup.

2:00 - Life's a Beach - Bunker Play
No more panic when you hit it in the beach... we will show you how to safely get out of thoes tricky sand shots.

3:00 - Hit it Long, Straight and Far...
Now let's up it right down the middle and adress the full swing... we will add yards, accuracy and take away any pains in your current swing.

4:00 - Summary and Q & A with Tom

Day Two

8:00 - Range Play and Practice
Routines to improve ftiness and drills to improve your game. Let's warm up properly!!!
9:00 - Chip and Pitch Like a Pro
Never addressed or practice. yet an easy way to greatly improve your score on your next round.
10:30 - Hybrid, Wood or Irons?
So, you hit that drive beautifully, what's next?... Let us show you the proper approach and help you put it on the green with the right club and a beautiful full, fluent swing.
12:00 - Lunch and Learn at The Grill
More video analysis and time with the pros with some great food at the Harbor Hills Signature Grill.
1:00 - Let's Tee Up!!! Fun Time.
The final exam... 9 holes with the Pros. Play side by side with our pros as they help you with each shot for the afternoon. The best caddies you'll ever have on the course!
5:00 - Closing Comments and Cocktails

Refreshments will be Served.. 
Individual Practice Programs Designed for Each Student.