Affordable Golf Academy of America

Academy Staff

Charles Brownfield, Player 1968-1969

Owned and Operated Tampa Bay Area Golf Academy - 2001/2014
Worked with Jim Flick at Flick Golf School
International Division of the Jim Colbert & Jim Ballard Golf School 

Played with the True Greats of Golf (Nelson, Nicklaus, Boros, Trevino, Hogan, Watson, Snead, and many more).

Dr. Jim Kerley,  teaching Club Professional

 Selected to assist in the Olympic Games in Atlanta, Ga 1996 Ph.D Boston University in Sports Psychology College golf coach, 2 national titles in Div ll national minority.
PGA professional 25 years.
PGA Tour Academy 2005-2007 mental training and instruction.


Kurt Sturgeon, A Colbert-Ballard certified instructor

Kurt has been teaching golf since 1989. He learned to play golf in Kuwait as his parent moved there for work. He went to boarding school in St Andrews Scotland, where he had the honor of being a Flag Boy for the 1975 Walker Cup. From there his love for golf only grew.  As an adult, Kurt Played professional golf for several years and attempted to play on the PGA Tour. Unfortunately, his Father took ill and Kurt went to his father’s aid. Thus, he started to teach golf, and fell in love with teaching. He has taught in Hawaii, California, Nevada, Texas, Delaware, Maryland, and now Florida. Kurt is a knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and caring instructor. His background in Psychology, Counseling and Nursing makes him the consummate teacher.

Jo Bellow, Holistic Health - Education - Graduated from Withlacoochee Tech Institute
Jo is both the owner of Integrated Functional Wellness, and the facility’s Chief Wellness Expert.  As a holistic practitioner, Jo focuses on movement, thinking and nutrition
Medical Massage with STI (structural therapeutic integration - Jo's global movement development protocal is applied to Golfers in a unique way). Also used in a unique way are the modalities of CranioSomatic Integration, Myoskeletal Alignment, Russian Sports Massage.

Al Cardiello, Fitness Trainer 

Certified personal trainer
Owner of Infinity Fitness in Fruitland park.
Utlizes titlest performance institute workout program for Golfing performance.


Dr Chris Kessler, Chiropractic and Wellness Physician

Dr Chris is a Chiropractic and Wellness Physician who received his doctoral degree from Palmer College of Chiropractic. 
Dr. Chris was also the Sales and Marketing Manager for The Perfect Club Company, the first company to make and market hybrid golf clubs.
He is an avid golfer and loves helping other golfers achieve proper biomechanics for a fluid golf swing.